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Become profitable with a minimum investment of 100 USD

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The goal is to make your capital profitable in the short term with high-profit investment strategies such as cryptotrading. Our investment plans are separated according to the capital you wish to invest.


Here we offer you capital management services over a period of at least 1 month. This method has the advantage of giving us time to actually grow the portfolio. Our results being constant and efficient, we can reach up to 1000% of the capital over a period of 1 month. Our long-term investment strategies are just as effective as the short-term. With us your capital is safe.

Why invest with us?

We provide you with a fluid investment service in order to maximize our profits and therefore promote a win-win partnership.
The management of your capital is entrusted to a professional team.
With us, your capital is in good hands.
Our investment strategies are simply the best on the market and we can be proud of our team of professionals.

Investment options


Get 1% profit per hour Minimum deposit: 100 USD Maximum deposit: No limit


Get 1,5% profit per hour Minimum deposit: 500 USD Maximum deposit: No limit


Get 2% profit per hour Minimum deposit: 1000 USD Maximum deposit: No limit

Payment methods

Payment methods
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Earn 5% commission per sponsored investor. Sponsorship not compulsory but paid.

Who we are

Fx-capital is an investment company and short and long term capital manager. Maximize profits and minimize the risk of losing your capital by entrusting it to us. Accessible to anyone with an electronic wallet. Fx-capital is registered in Canada under registration number 09407280; its registered office is 4275 Eagle Rd
Toronto. Fx-capital is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Our FCA number for Fx-capital is 676331.

Investor reviews

 It is clearly the best online trading investment platform. No robot, we are in direct contact with the site experts. Which reassures me a lot."

Vick RiquierInvestor

 I didn't trade before, and I didn't know that it was actually possible to make money on the internet. I finally became profitable thanks to the professionals of the site. It really is a win-win partnership."


 I started with 1000 euros, 1 week later I ended up with 10,000 euros in my wallet. I don't know a lot of platforms that know how to do this"



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